Prospective client programme

  • We use the largest quality consumer database in the Netherlands, in partnership with Whooz.
  • This database contains all 7.7 million households in the Netherlands, categorised into 14 primary profiles and 50 sub-profiles.
  • We match your database to the Whooz database and ascertain which client group visits your store. We then develop a prospective client programme in collaboration with you.

We know where your prospective clients are located.

Who are my clients and where do I find new clients? That is a question we hear from many an entrepreneur. For the past few years, we have been working with Whooz. This renowned company has categorised all 7.7 million households in the Netherlands into 14 primary profiles and 50 sub-profiles. Each profile represents a target group with specific attributes and characteristics. We match your own database to the Whooz database and can then ascertain which target group your business serves. We can use this knowledge to find look-alikes in your local market and use the right message to tempt them to come to you.

What do you need to do yourself?

We need a retail connection with your client database. We will organise that with you or your database manager. All you need to do is sign the data processing agreement in relation to data security and the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR). We then make an appointment to discuss the results with you.

What does the programme do?

A select group of households (based on the desired profiles) are contacted with a direct mailing three times over an 18-month period. The message varies each time. Two of the three communications contain a perception analysis: an online questionnaire to find out more about the consumer.

Naturally, the objective of the programme is to entice the consumer to come to the store.

What does it deliver?

The average buying response for retailers is between 0.5% and 2.5%.



Consumer Loyalty Programme


Retention programme

  • Sandra Christiaansen
    Sandra Christiaansen Commercial director

We would be delighted to discuss the options with you.
Which is the best email address for me to contact you on?

Yes, I agree to you storing my data and contacting me.


Elke euro die u investeert, verdient u minimaal 2x terug.


De gemiddelde respons op een Direct Mail stijgt tot boven de 5% (gemiddeld 2 tot 3%).


Het programma ontdubbelt, controleert of personen zijn verhuist of overleden.


Naast commercieel en technische ondersteuning kunnen wij ook helpen bij de creatie van u DM’s, EM’s en andere communicatie.


Hoe we dat eerder hebben toegepast

Zonder dit programma is het voor mij als kleine zelfstandige onmogelijk om allemaal zelf bij te houden en te doen. Verhoef, De Pedaleur

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