About us

We are delighted to share our knowledge, experience and passion for the marketing field with you.

What we do every day

We create and implement cross-media loyalty and marketing solutions. We carry out your loyalty and marketing activities via print, social media, online and mobile. Apart from the Netherlands, we have clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, England and Spain.

Our people

We are based in the Netherlands, with a group of 40 enthusiastic and passionate people who specialise in IT, marketing, creation, sales, databases, production and finance, amongst others.

Board and Operational Management

  • Jasper van IJssel
    Jasper van IJssel CEO
  • Birthe Nieuwenhuijsen
    Birthe Nieuwenhuijsen Operationeel directeur
  • Sandra Christiaansen
    Sandra Christiaansen Commercial director

Account Management, Consultancy & Sales

  • Diederik Warmelink
    Diederik Warmelink Sales manager
  • Daniëlle de Jong
    Daniëlle de Jong Account team manager
  • Léon Huyben
    Léon Huyben Loyalty Consultant sr.
  • Hugo Engbersen
    Hugo Engbersen Loyalty Consultant
  • Lotte Sluiter
    Lotte Sluiter Marketing Consultant

Project Management & Traffic Coordination

  • Rob Snijders
    Rob Snijders Inkoop en productiemanager
  • Luuk Eikendal
    Luuk Eikendal Traffic coördinator
  • Sander Draisma
    Sander Draisma Development manager
  • Naomi Spaans
    Naomi Spaans Project Manager
  • Naïsha Hartogs
    Naïsha Hartogs Project manager
  • Robin Vogel
    Robin Vogel Traffic/DTP
  • Rowan Min
    Rowan Min Project manager


Analysts, Data and Software Architects

  • Dick Koers
    Dick Koers Solution architect
  • Bert Laan
    Bert Laan Data analist
  • Martin Kruik
    Martin Kruik SQL specialist
  • Lars van Berge
    Lars van Berge SQL specialist
  • Erik Rijnbeek
    Erik Rijnbeek SQL specialist
  • Rutger Schaafsma
    Rutger Schaafsma Dot.Net specialist
  • Wietse Krijne
    Wietse Krijne Dot.Net specialist
  • Andre Koppenaal
    Andre Koppenaal Systeembeheerder


  • Justin Harris
    Justin Harris The Other Side of The Moon - Art director
  • Jasper Steenbergen
    Jasper Steenbergen The Other Side of The Moon - Lead designer
  • Rik Groenland
    Rik Groenland The Other Side of The Moon - Marketeer

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