Volvo case study

Volvo Dealer Database and Client Contact Program


In 2006, Volvo Cars Nederland, in collaboration with the Dealer organisation, decided to start communicating with Volvo clients on a one-to-one basis to increase client loyalty. Loyalty Lab developed a loyalty programme for Volvo. It enables Volvo to identify its clients, map behaviour and thus send the right message to specific clients at the right time.

The brief

Volvo wanted to start approaching clients in a more personal way and ensure that everyone who chooses Volvo once will always be loyal to Volvo.

In addition, Volvo specifically wished to avoid scenarios where, for example, a 75-year old is invited to a dance party, or the proud owner of a Volvo XC90 receives a reminder to arrange a service for their S40.

Loyalty Lab solution

It is important to utilise every touchpoint effectivelyto obtain greater returns from your clients. Clients visit the dealer with their cars a maximum of once a year. At those times, a personal approach and service are the most important elements for turning ordinary clients into loyal Volvo drivers. Loyalty Lab developed a strategy in partnership with Volvo and established the extensive Volvo Dealer Database programme.

The result is the Volvo Dealer Database (VDDN)

This unique system always gives everyone at Volvo and the Volvo dealers access to current, accurate and detailed client information.

  • Loyalty Lab heeft zich in de afgelopen jaren absoluut bewezen als strategisch partner binnen het Uneyeted-programma, waarbij we intensief hebben samengewerkt in het ontzorgen van onze gezamenlijke klanten door een grote diversiteit aan innovatieve data-gedreven marketingconcepten. Naast het Consumenten Loyaliteitsprogramma zijn ze een volwaardig partner voor zowel Essilor als de zelfstandige opticien op het gebied van winkel- en klantendata-analyses, prospecting en (direct) marketing campagnes.

    Gijs Maat Marketing Manager Essilor Nederland

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